Airfly Hair Dryer Turbo P1, iF Adwarded

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With simply used one time for a product evaluation video making, this AIRFLY hairdryer is 99% new. It is absolutely operational and features as new.

Original Bought from China Tmall, the package is going with a Chinese plug, in case you would really like to apply it in different areas, please use distinct adapters consistent with your need

Quiet, light, and powerful

Customizable hairdryer with care

We desired to layout the AirFly hairdryer for Soocas as easy and fashionable as possible, authentic to our maxim “Design ought to be honest”. Since 2015, Soocas has been generating digital merchandise for its personal emblem in addition to family electronics for Chinese groups together with Xiaomi. For the Chinese marketplace, we evolved a brand new form of the hairdryer, the primary made of the brand new emblem AirFly, which embodies the very best pleasant and layout and is meant to set up itself because of the marketplace chief withinside the high-price segment.

Hight-end & Unique Design

Made of brushed aluminum, The AirFly puristic shell makes use of an easy however particular shape layout to enhance the consumer experience. The AirFly has a clean department among coping with and frame, meanwhile, it had a mild slope of the rear location intuitively identifies the front of the complete hairdryer frame. With all of the attempts of growing and restructuring every piece of the technical components, the AirFly is acting quieter and extra powerful.

Excellent manufacturing, splendid materials, The cope with is made from long-lasting plastic, the cable is made from woven protection material. To satisfy precise goal groups’ needs, the give-up cap of the hairdryer may be modified by absolutely unscrewing it and changed in a lot of materials, colors, and with a private engraving.

The distinct adapter caps, which may be magnetically connected withinside the front location, nearly satisfy distinct each day’s needs. The caps additionally comprise oils and different hair care merchandise that save the hair from drying out in the course of blow-drying and save you over-stressing. AirFly isn’t the simplest light, available and aesthetic – it additionally dries the hair especially speedy and gently.

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Airfly Hair Dryer Turbo P1, iF Adwarded

1 in stock

This auction is ended