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The Sharklet Yoga Mat represents phenomenal, performance-driven antibacterial technology designed to provide a grippy, eco-friendly style and long-lasting portability no matter where you practice Modern yogis are always met. Both inside and outside the gym. The brand serves not only as a high-end creator and high-end label but also as a boutique brand and collaboration with Dr. Tony Brennan of the University of Florida Material and Function, Sharklet has become a trinity of durable, performance-enhancing yoga mats and accessories for yogis around the world.





Sharklet material used areas


Military applications:
Prevents algae from covering the helmets of submarines and ships 

Medical applications:
Prevents bacteria from sticking to anything that covers the surface, against bacterial
Applications of healthy living:
Reduces bacterial growth due to the nanoscale texture of the product’s surface.




Sharklet Technologies Origin Story


Whales, boats and other objects that migrate through the water accumulate algae, algae, barnacles and other types of biofouling that reduce their swimming efficiency. It is different with sharks: although they move slowly through the water, their skin stays clean. When Dr. When Tony Brennan first discovered this unique feature, he wondered if he had taken the design of shark skin and shrunk it, smaller than humans can see. The same effect on bacteria? The answer is: yes Dr. Anthony Brennan, founder of Sharklet, tested a project to increase the efficiency of antibiotic surfaces that has become a breakthrough in bacterial control. !Sharklet Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2007 and uses the Sharklet micro-pattern to combat bacteria and other microorganisms. Dr. Tony Brennan, STI has licensed the technology to develop medical devices and consumer applications with the Sharklet pattern.

So Sharklet Technologies is finally announcing a new line of self-adhesive films -touch surfaces in public places such as ATMs and POS desks, elevator buttons, door handles, and bathroom doors in shopping malls, hospitals, offices, hotels. , Yoga mats, and public transportation to reduce attachment, colonization, and germ transmission. This is perfect news for yogis as they don’t need to clean the mat often. With innovative, non-toxic technology, the Sharklet mat keeps you away from bacteria and microbes. It would feel safe and ready, plus the Sharklet rug is 7.2 * 2.6 ” larger than any other mat and perfectly padded to support the joints, antimicrobial, dry and non-slip, wet or dry. As you move, the luxurious colors adapt to your mood, minimizing restrictions and allowing you to give your all.


The Science of Sharklet mat


Sharklet matSharklet Technologies, Inc. holds key patents related to the use of microtopography to control bacteria. Sharklet holds six different patents from the United States Patent Office relating to the use of the micropattern, the dimensions of the various Sharklet patterns, and various medical device applications. Sharklet’s surface is made up of millions of microscopic features arranged in a distinctive diamond pattern.
The pattern structure alone prevents bacteria from adhering, colonizing, and forming biofilms. Sharklet does not contain any additives or toxic chemicals and does not use antibiotics or antimicrobial agents. Sharklet is inspired by the shape and pattern of the dermal denticles of the sharkskin. Sharks are resistant to fouling organisms in the water, including algae and barnacles. –Which is used to Sharklet Yoga Mat.


The Soul of Sharklet

Many of the problems we face. Animals, plants, and microbes are accomplished engineers. After billions of years of research and development, the faults are the fossils, and what surrounds us is the secret to survival. While human engineers work to solve all sorts of problems in the world, animals and plants have a head start of 4 billion years. Many of the species that exist today have already been optimized for these challenges; otherwise they would not exist. By studying nature, experts can extrapolate ideas and designs to solve similar problems that humans face.


The Mission of Sharklet

The Sharklet is committed to the innovation of biotechnological technology, and accelerates the development of a newly enhanced wound dressing technology to encourage healing. Not only for most environmentally friendly yoga products but also for medical devices where chemical-free bacterial inhibition is desired as well as high-touch surfaces prone to bacterial contamination.