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A new clean era

Why we love Eraclean

A New Clean Era: Love clean, use Eraclean

Eraclean is committed to developing and manufacturing innovative clean household appliances for various areas of life, offering consumers a clean living experience in a complete scene.
A Convenient Way to Safely Clean in Various Environments From a small ultrasonic cleaner and ultrasonic contact lens cleaner to a dual-use portable vacuum cleaner and refrigerator odor eliminator, Eraclean guarantees portable requirements.

The Eraclean Origin Story

caused by air pollution in the world has reached 12 million. In order to choose a great air purifier for the family and workplace, the founding team bought several air purifiers, but the result is that after the test, no one was able to achieve the purification function. So they founded Eraclean, started independent research and development of air purifiers, and “K-Spirit” came out into the open.

After 18 months of research, Eraclean’s first product, the Tower Air Purifier, was finally announced. Its function goes well beyond the national standard and even one of its basic indicators was 18 times higher than the national standard.

In 2015, Eraclean, Inc. founded and established an air research laboratory for independent research. Eraclean strives to customize air purification solutions, develop air purification devices and offer a unique service for solving indoor air problems. For the past five years, Eraclean has been constantly seeking solutions to cleaning problems in public life, independently developing innovative products such as ultrasonic cleaning machines, disinfecting deodorants, disinfecting manufacturing machines, and focusing on cleaning the “invisible corner” of life.

The Science of Eraclean

Eraclean Science “Clean Face, Clean Clothes, Clean Food, Clean Life, Clean Travel” is a comprehensive clean area that was created by Eraclean around the five life scenes of consumers and the different needs of consumers in their lives. Its unique approach offers customers a measurable operational advantage in the field of intelligent, sustainable, and high-performance solutions for; Rooms, cars, fragile and valuable items. Starting from the position of a solution-based product company, Eraclean has a separate laboratory department with a competitive advantage in the development of new products and in engineering for high-performance materials, deodorization, and disinfection.

Today, Eraclean has received nearly 100 patents in the areas of ultrasonic cleaning, especially for filter materials, deodorization, and disinfection, and many products have received multiple international certifications. By the way, the core technology won the German Red Dot Design Award 2020, with 1 million sold-out products and more than 10 million Xiaomi products. The unique explosion of ultrasonic technology is used to form bubbles of 50 500 μm, which burst underneath the activity of sound pressure. It could also clean the cracks down to the micrometer level, which is cleaner than washing with your hands.

The Soul of Eraclean

The Soul of EracleanEraclean is a technology company dedicated to equipment cleaning, including ultrasonic cleaning, deodorization, disinfection, special effects cleaning, and other cleaning technologies, with the aim of bringing clean lives to consumers around the world. for the professional cleaning of household appliances for 5 years, committed to constant innovation, first place in the market for ultrasonic household cleaning machines. Eraclean adopts the quality principles “Quality comes first” and “Quality is essential for the company’s survival”.

Since its inception in 2015, Eraclean has provided excellent cleaning services to more than 5 million customs offices around the world. Among them, more than 5000 users have joined our product research and development research and testing program and have become Eraclean consultants. Eraclean, Xiaomi Youpin, Huawei Zhixuan, and other platforms have done in-depth joint research and development and completed Round B funding in 2020, including the capital of Huachuang and the innovation capital of Guohai.